CONTENT:                                                                                                                                          I) ReferenceLinks

1. SEC XBRL Information for Filers

2. FREE (and royalty free) XBRL Validation engine

3.SEC Professionals group

II) Concepts / Certifications

1.Financial statement users will employ firm data in financial analyses.  You need to know that the XBRL financial statement tag is the “right” one for your application. will facilitate setting up and checking financial statement line items and footnotes.  An advantage is the ability to use it as a mobile device on handhelds in meetings or in an additional window when one is working on projects.

2.Preparers who are XBRL certified are a good idea for company filers in order for the filing to be right the first time and minimize validation effort.  The credential (while not cheap) provides a brand name feature to stand out from others in the field.  A review course covers the financial statements and the footnotes.  Be advised, the footnotes with their levels are potentially challenging.  See



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