Askaref is the resource for XBRL meta tags

It’s time to Askaref

The primary mission of Askaref is to provide a resource for XBRL preparers, users, and the educational community.

This blog supports  www.askaref.com which is a tool principally designed for mobile devices to reference XBRL tags and their definitions.

A secondary objective is to support the referencing of accounting as the language of business with Accounting Standard Code (ASC) information.




1. What is a reason to use www.askaref.com ?  Anywhere that you can access the web on your mobile device, you can insert search terms and find XBRL tags, financial accounting definitions and ASC references.  For example, if a student needs the meaning of Goodwill, a search will return the definition, its ASC and a link to the FASB web site for further GAAP codification details.

2. What is ASC ?  ASC is the abbreviation for Accounting Standard Code which is typically given as a 1 number (e.g. intangibles 350) or 3 number (e.g., goodwill recognition 350-20-25).  Accounting working papers for public filers are required to have ASC information by the SEC, and the ASC codes are appearing in textbooks.  For details about accessing the FASB ASC see https://asc.fasb.org

3.What are XBRL tags?  They are a key feature of the XBRL system.  A XBRL label is like a bar code at a convenience store.  It has the accounting line item information which can be read by any computer.  By selecting a line item or footnote search term www.askaref.com , you can find/check the XBRL label in XBRL instance documents (firm data files).  Examples of firm instance documents are located on the SEC web site www.sec.gov under the filings tab.

4.Is www.askaref.com fast?  With its XBRL taxonomy based information system, results should appear within 1 minute. Askaref’s advantage is on a mobile device? From the 1st screen to the search results everything is designed to fit a handheld view.




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